Making The Right Impression: Getting in Shape For Beginners, When Going To The Gym

With the release of my new book “Making The Right Impression: The Definitive Guide to Renovating, Expanding, or Building Your Perfect Dental Practice” I thought it would be informative to also give you the ins and outs of making the right impression when going to the gym.

Now this isn’t to say that the objective of going to the gym is to show off and gain cool points from onlookers, but for those of us who are a little self-conscious about entering a gym, my advice may be just what you need to feel confident again.

Jason Drewelow

Many of us dread going to the gym (especially alone) because we feel as though we have limited knowledge of the equipment and or machines. It can be intimidating entering a space that is foreign to you but this should not discourage you from starting a healthy lifestyle routine. The key to making the right impression when going to the gym for the first time is getting in the door and learning as you go.

Personal trainer Cathy Brown suggest that for beginners, “utilizing the induction process that all gyms offer are a great way to setting up a basic fitness routine and becoming knowledgeable about the equipment and how to use it.” By doing this, you’re allowing yourself to ease into the process of working out without feeling overwhelmed or confused.

Another great way to make the right impression at the gym is to invest in a personal trainer once you get use to your daily fitness routines, All gyms should have personal trainers who are willing to help new members reach their goals. Some gyms provider trainers at no cost or at a discounted price for members. By investing in at least one personal training session every 4-6 weeks, this will allow you and your trainer to come up with a plan that suits your body type and workout goals.

Jason Drewelow

Too many times we get in the habit of letting others get into our head. When getting in shape whether for beginners or those looking to start over, never let anyone influence what you are doing. If you’re not as experienced in lifting weights, doing crunches or running for 6 miles straight, now is not the time to push yourself into something that you are not familiar with.

Sam Feltham  fitness blogger and personal trainer make a good point in saying “if you’re just starting out at the gym, start off slowly.” Even if you go to the gym for 30 minutes a day while working on different parts of the body, you’ll be sure to work up the stamina to workout longer over time. A good full body workout is another way in making the right impression. For beginners, starting off with a warm up session and light cardio will have you feeling like a pro. The point in doing this is to go at your own pace, and not the pace of others.

When gearing up for the gym, a great way to get pumped up for beginners is buying gym attire that you feel great in. This will have you feeling like you truly belong and that you can do anything that you put your mind to. For me, I like to wear loose fitting tops when doing cardio and Under Armour Apparel  when lifting weights. For women, you can wear whatever you feel your best in when working out. There’s no need to feel pressured to fit in, your working out for YOU, and that’s what matters most.Jason Drewelow

If you’re into more of an intense workout, then taking up CrossFit may be the fitness plan for you. There are many CrossFit introductory courses for beginners that you can take if you are unfamiliar with the workout and technique that is required to perform each exercise. Many CrossFit gyms  provide members with a personal trainer who will customize each session to your specific goals.

Here is a list of a few CrossFit gyms for you to try out:

  • Reebok CrossFit, 5th Ave New York, NY
  • I Am CrossFit, Miami, FL
  • CrossFit Fenway, Boston, MA
  • San Francisco CrossFit, San Francisco, CA
  • Windy City CrossFit, Chicago, IL

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