Cross Fit CEO Spotlight: Performance Meets Power

CrossFit has reportedly nearly 4 million participants across the globe and over 13,000 gyms in nearly 150 countries. This fitness phenomenon was begun by Greg Glassman who is the company’s current CEO. Glassman has had unprecedented success with the CrossFit movement, but he merely believes the organization met a need people had and a desire they felt to get back in shape and be healthy, instead of continuing to undermine their health.

Glassman’s background

Glassman is a veteran in the fitness industry; at 60 years old, he’s a former gymnast who has been training others for decades. In the 90s, he opened his first gym and the CrossFit phenomenon took off in the early 2000s. Even though people have criticized Glassman’s company, he continues on and deals with the criticisms, pointing to his success to show that what he’s doing is clearly something the public wants. Glassman has extensive fitness experience and knowledge about various fitness methods, so he’s merely combined them to create Crossfit, which “focuses on all-around fitness. It takes elements from weightlifting, gymnastics and endurance activities, skills such as pull-ups and rope climbs, and more traditional workout activities such as running, swimming and rowing and combines them in high-intensity workouts.” Glassman is confident that CrossFit will continue to be an incredibly popular fitness routine.

HIs recipe for success

Ultimately, Glassman believes that the success of CrossFit can be attributed to simply making smart business decisions. In a recent interview, Glassman gave three top pieces of advice when starting a new business and he’s certain these reasons are why CrossFit has been so successful. His first piece of advice is to avoid taking on investors. He believes it is a bad business model to give pieces of your company to others just so you can get cash; Glassman owns all of the stocks in CrossFit. Glassman’s second piece of advice is “build a business that benefits society.” Glassman considers CrossFit a way to be socially active and help serious issues – obesity and health – that hurt a large portion of the population. His final piece of advice for success is to offer consumers “a uniquely attractive opportunity.” By combining various aspects of fitness routines, Glassman offered customers a type of workout that they cannot find anywhere else.