What is the Crossfit ‘Bro’ Session?

You see them everywhere nowadays. Crossfit Bros. They’re easily recognized by their backwards cap and high priced fitness wear. Complete disrespect for the English language sneakers that cost more than a yearly subscription at the gym. Scratch that these are crossfit bros. You know that stuff expensive.

The first thing you notice at a crossfit gym is that it doesn’t look like any other gym you’ve been to. They’ve done away with the old fashioned benches and the weight plates. I guess common sense is old fashioned too. They have an open air design that allows lets you see from one end of the building to the other. They have an interior design sense that leaves one thinking it’s every crossfit trainers dream to one day host his gym in a decommissioned airplane hanger. What you’ll find inside the gym is ropes and straps and unrecognizable gizmos that give one the impression of a modern day inquisition. You know you’re into a crossfit gym when you have ask yourself if you’ve accidentally stumbled into a BDSM dungeon. And you might as well have. Everything about the place is torturous. The constant yelling. The cult like indoctrination into doing what are quite obviously stupid and dangerous exercises. If stabilizing your core means standing on top of a giant exercise ball and risking a broken neck then maybe you’re better off with an unstable core.

Yet you see them everywhere these crossfit fanatics. You certainly see them on TV, where they seem to be the main target demo for smart phones, smart watches, smart shoes, smart wear, pretty much anything with smart on it. It’s official. These guys need all the smart they can get. Crossfit bros (and sisters?) are an obvious target for advertising. They follow fads. They have the expendable cash necessary to get into crossfit, yet lack the critical thought and self awareness to see how silly a lifestyle built around a type of exercise is. You can’t blame the advertisers. It would be a mistake not to market to such an easily influence-able group. And yet how many apple commercials with crossfit bros running through downtown New York can they make. It’s time to stop.

So what is crossfit exactly. Everyone has a different explanation. They say crossfit is more than a workout its a way of life. Others say it’s a stupid waste of time. Who’s right. Maybe they both are.