Best CrossFit Gyms Around the World

CrossFit is a phenomenon that has taken over the fitness world in the last few years. People are devoted to CrossFit and the many benefits it provides for those who participate. Besides being a fantastic fitness workout, it gives you another way to bond with your “bros”, new diet options, and improved focus and dedication because of the hard work that must go into training. In my previous blog, I introduced you to three CEOs who do CrossFit. Now, we’ll look at some of the best gyms for CrossFit training around the world, so you can plan traveling around your training!

CrossFit North London, London, UK

While there are lots of CrossFit gyms to choose from in London, this gym is one of the largest and offers an extensive range of training and benefits. The gym was founded by two very experienced CrossFitters who have worked hard to make it what it is today. CrossFit training for levels 1 and 2 is available, along with weightlifting and endurance coaching, and even nutrition training, and various options for anyone who’s looking to get fit.

CrossFit Praha, Prague, Czech Republic

The focus of CrossFit Praha is holistic health that incorporates healthy training and nutrition. Instead of focusing solely on achieving your workouts, the owner helps you work toward your goals while keeping your body’s health in mind too, in order to avoid any serious injuries during intense exercises.

S2S CrossFit, Bali, Indonesia

This gym is currently Bali’s only CrossFit gym, but they have two locations where athletes can work on their CrossFit routines. Their name means “Strength to Strength”, which they work toward helping all their members achieve. When you feel like taking a break, you can enjoy some of the incredible surfing around the island.

Valley CrossFit, Van Nuys, California, US

This facility is built on over 15,000 square feet and is arguably one of the best CrossFit gyms in the United States, as well as the world. There are various everyday classes you can attend, as well as defense training classes. In addition to the impressive size of the gym, it has the incredible equipment, such as a 48-foot monkey bar system and a professional gymnastics floor. To see all the gym has to offer, start planning your trip to Van Nuys!

CrossFit Barrier Reef, Cairns, Australia

A husband and wife team own this gym and have poured passion into it, so get excited to workout here! They value having a balanced mind in addition to a balanced body and encourage this goal for those who workout at their facility. They aim to help anyone who comes to their gym achieve their fitness goals, no matter what level of fitness they’re currently at.

CrossFit Chiang Mai, Chiang Mai, Thailand

This gym is proud to be the first CrossFit gym in the entire country of Thailand. It has indoor and outdoor facilities where lots of locals and travelers gather to enjoy their love of CrossFit together. In between exploring this beautiful country with lots of beaches and ruins, fit some time in for your CrossFit routine at this gym!