10 Pieces of Crossfit Merch Serious Crossfit Experts Own

In the world of Crossfit there are many products and brands that marketers and brand influencers want you to buy to stay at the top of your game. But what are the best items to own as a serious Crossfitter? This list will provide you with the top 10 pieces of gear that you should own to prove how serious of a Crossfitter you are.


  1. Jump rope

The jump rope is one of the most common items that you can find in a Crossfit gym. This simple activity is great for cardio and is often featured in many of the Crossfit competitions. When looking at different jump ropes, there are many aspects that need to be taken into account.

Handle grip and weight are two of the bigger factors when determining what rope is best to buy. Handle grip is important because you are going to want a handle that doesn’t slip out of your hands easily, especially when you factor in sweat and how fast you will be jumping rope. You want handles that aren’t going to budge when you are jumping as fast as you can. Weight is also an important aspect of the jump rope. The lighter the rope is the easier it is going to be to jump faster and hit those double unders.

Here is a link that provides a list of the best jump ropes to buy right now.


  1. Shoes

The right type of shoe is essential to getting serious about Crossfit. Wearing the wrong kind of shoe can be detrimental to your workout and can cause injury. Many weightlifters will prefer to use shoes that have flat bottoms, like converse, so that their bodies are more aligned during the lifts. Other athletes that have more cardio intensive workouts will prefer shoes that stabilize their body during their workouts.

Crossfitters happen to do both types of workouts during their WOD’s (workout of the day). So it is important to find a shoe that both stabilizes the body but also can handle all of the extra weight from the heavy lifting aspects of the workout.

Healthlisted.com put together a great list of the best shoes for every type of Crossfitter.


  1. Hand grips and Wrist Wraps

Many of the movements and lifts that Crossfitters do, can put a strain on your wrists and can tear up your hands. Using wrist wraps and hand grips can prevent these types of injuries from happening. When it comes down to it, most of the wrist wraps and hand grips are relatively the same. Picking out the best brands for you can be personal preference.

WODreview.com has a detailed list of the best types of wrist wraps for everyone’s preference.  

Kippintitreal.com goes through the seven best Crossfit hand grips and gloves and details what makes them unique.


  1. Weighted Vest

Next on the list is the weighted vest. Most famously introduced to Crossfitters during the “Murph” event of the Crossfit games, contestants wore weighted vests to accomplish one round of workouts.

The weighted vest has since become a staple to how Crossfitters train and has become an essential part of the Crossfit ensemble. So far the heaviest vest that the Crossfit games have used has been a 20-pound vest for the men and a 14-pound vest for the women, so you don’t need to be buying vests that hold a large amount of weight.

Pythagorean Health has a great list of vests to buy ranging from price range to how much weight that the vests can hold.


  1. Shorts built with Kevlar

This one may seem odd at first but can really help you in the long run by helping your shorts last longer. Crossfitters do many sessions of weight lifting with high reps. Many of these lifts will have the bar come in contact with your shorts and can cause damage to them over time. The best way to prevent your shorts from ripping during your workout is to get some shorts with kevlar built into them.

Reebok offers a great selection of shorts that have kevlar built into the thigh area of the short.


  1. Lacrosse ball

The lacrosse ball has become a great tool for athletes and Crossfitters alike. The thick and hard material that the ball is made out of is great for relieving tightness in the muscles. It’s kind of like a personal massage to roll those tight muscles out.

You can buy a lacrosse ball at pretty much any sporting goods store but doing a quick google search can pair you up with the cheapest option for a single ball or the cheapest option if you want to buy in bulk.


  1. Socks

Socks are an important part of the serious Crossfitters wardrobe. If you are not wearing the right type of socks you can do some damage to your shins as well as your feet. Crossfitters prefer to wear knee high socks so that when they are doing lifting movements like deadlifts, their shins won’t get torn up during the lift.

Rogue Fitness has a great selection of socks that every Crossfitter can wear.


  1. Knee wraps

Many Crossfitters will experience pain and discomfort in the knee when they are doing their exercises or when they are recovering from their workouts. This is because, throughout a Crossfit workout, the athletes are performing high-intensity workouts that put a lot of pressure on the knee.

Knee wraps can help prevent these injuries and make your workout better by getting rid of that knee pain.

Rigor Fitness put together a great review for the best knee wraps on the market.


  1. Kinesiology Tape

Kinesiology tape, like the wraps and grips, can help prevent injury and loosen your muscles as you are working out or after you’re done working out. Kinesiology tape can help you work out longer and stronger than ever before.

RockTape has become one of the leading brands in Crossfit. Check them out here.


  1. Post workout snack

The post workout snack is a great resource for gaining back all the nutrients that you lost during your workout. Most of these snacks are natural and made up of fruits, vegetables, and added supplements to get you back to normal.

Fuel for Fire is a company with a great supplement that many of the elite Crossfitters use to gain back their energy. Check out their products here.

Now you know what it takes to be a serious Crossfitter and take your WOD’s to the next level.